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Sugar Creek Winery Click here to Search by Rider Number May 13, 2017
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Images from the 2017 Big Shark Vino Fondo are now online.

The images were taken at a couple of places, the first was early in the ride, about 14 miles out, just before the routes split and the other was as riders climbed up the Schluersberg.

Ideally, the images are searchable by rider number, assuming the number was visible. The search feature can be found here. Place your ride number in the ketword box.

But, because many riders didn't have a visible number, in an effort to make images easier to find, we have placed the photos in "Groups" of just a couple of hundred riders or so.

The first groups were taken early in the ride, about 14 miles out, just before the routes split. There arew groups 1 and 2. If your were in the front half of the riders, you'd be in Group 1, back half group 2.

The other spot was was as riders climbed up the Schluersberg. There Group 3 is mosly short-route ridersand maybe faster Midi riders, Group 4 is Midi riders and a few short routers. Groupp five is long route riders and stragglers from the other routes.

We think the Schluersberg climb images are some pretty good cycling images, or so we think. Many of them really show the intensity and effort put in to get up that pitch. Many of you commented about why in the heck we were shoooting photos where you guys were in pain. Bottom line is that pain and suffering make really good cycling photos. We think there are some good images in there, we hope you guys do to.

We offer digital images files that are available for near-immediate download. (Within a couple of hours usually.) These files are available in two sizes. The medium-sized file is ideal for web use, say for a Facebook page or a team website, for storing on an iPhone iPad or iWhatever, or for emailing to friends, family. The medium digital file make a great "screen saver", and is a cost-affordable way to be able to make multiple prints up to about 5x7 inches. The Large size file is essentially a master file of the image and will give you the highest quality image possible. From a large file a print could be made of any size.

And of course we offer high-quality prints in sizes from small photos to poster-sized prints at what we think are affordable prices.

Prints and files are available as just a plain print or one that has the Vino Fondo logo on it. (Which would look like the sample on this page.)