Ohio Valley - Venture the Valley  
    August 22-23, 2015
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Images from the Ohio Valley - Venture the Valley Bike MS ride are now online.

The photos are sorted by "Groups." Images from Saturday were taken in two locations; the first about 20 miles into the ride, while you were on the trail, just before rest stop two are in Groups 1 through 4. These groups have all riders...well except for a handful of really fast people, who blew by as I was getting set up.

The second set of photos Groups 5 through 7, were taken just before the lunch stop. These groups have 75 and 100 mile riders and many of the 50 milers. But if you were a quick 50 miler I might not have you.

Sunday's first group; Groups 8 and 9 were taken just before rest stop one. We think we got most riders there. The Finish area is Group 10.

The Groups have around 150 to 200 images and if you use the "view all photos" link at the bottome of one of the thumnail pages you can view all photos in a group quickly.

We are offering digital images files that are available for download within just a couple of hours or so of an order being placed. These files are available in two sizes. The medium-sized file is ideal for web use; say for a Facebook page, for storing on an Iphone, a tablet, and for emailing to friends, family and or perhaps to include a thank you message to supporters. The medium digital file also makes a great "screen saver" particularly the horizontal images. It also is a cost-affordable way to be able to make multiple prints up to about 5x7 inches. Once you have the file you can go to any photo center and order all the prints you need.

The large file is a master file of the image will give you the highest quality image possible. If you want several 8x10 or larger prints, this is the file to use.

We offer high quality, professionally- produced prints at affordable prices. Prints come in two styles a MS style prints (as sample of which is shown at the right) and a plain "standard" print in sizes from small photos to poster-sized prints. We are pretty proud of the quality of our prints. We think they look great.


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