Cumming, Iowa  

February 22, 2014

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These are images from the 2014 CIRREM.

This 100K ride over Iowa gravel roads is, I think, one of the great-undiscovered rides in the country.

As you know, it's kinda a breed unto itself as rides go with gravel and mud, ice and snow, and we try, whether successful or not, to capture some of those elements in our photos.

Because there is no way to identify riders by a number or something like that, the photos are lumped all together in groups where the photographer was located. They are in the order that riders passed by.

Photos were taken in two locations, the first we think was about 25 miles out and the second about 52 miles.

Images can be purchased for personal use, either as high quality photos, or digital images files that are available for download. We offer not only color prints, but black and white prints in selected sizes.

The digital files are available in three sizes and are ready for download at the time of purchase. (Minus, of course the obnoxious watermark thing.)

The small file is great for Facebook or web pages.

The medium-sized file is ideal for storing on a smart phone, your tablet, or such things, and for emailing to friends or family. It also is a cost-affordable way to be able to make multiple prints up to about 5x7 inches.

The large file is a essentially the master file of the image. It will give you the highest quality image possible. If you want 8x10 or larger prints, this is the file to use.

Both digital files and prints can be adjusted by cropping to your liking during the check out process.

If interested, photos from last year's CIRREM can be found here.


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